Classes for Mass Effect Saga Edition

Saga Edition Classes

The way classes work in Saga Edition is that you have talent trees (like Diablo 2 or World of Warcraft) in addition to your class abilities. This means that you can get very different characters within the same class just by picking different abilities. I understand that we’re using a licensed system to play in a different licensed universe and this may cause weirdness in rules and I’m willing to bend things to get your character the way you’d like it to be.


This is the class that has access to all of the Force powers in the game. There are close combat powers, psychic type powers and force pushing type powers. This is probably the most grab-bag class in the game, but all weird abilities come from here. Pretty much all biotic characters are going to want to be some flavor for Jedi.


This is the diplomatic “face” class and has a lot of abilities that help other team members do skills or use abilities. A leader type character or any asari might choose this class. This is for the character that likes to be the one to talk to people to solve problems, but is by no means nice.


Scoundrels get a lot of abilities that hamper their enemies and access to a lot of different skills. These are for sure the skill monkey class. Characters like Tali or engineers might take this class to best represent their skills in and out of combat.


The Scout is kind of the jack-of-all-trades type character. I’ll add more here later.


Exactly what you think it is. Practically no skills available to them, but access to all weapons and armor right away. Marines and soldiers are the best fit for this class, obviously.


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